SMS H4U – short cuts and acronyms

FIT UP YOUR MOBILE. It is fine and easy to use sms in daily life. Kids do it, Teenies do it, adults join it. But not everyone understands the sms words and signs.

Every thing needs a little nowledge and practice.

This book will help you to take part of the world of mobile phones, handy, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

Everywhere and everytime you can use the short form or short cuts or abbreviation to give a message from you to another person and to understand the messages you get.

Have fun and join the short cuts and your life.

From now on it will be easier.

Think about all the new friends you can find and reach with the right short cuts. To understand each other means to find new friends and to find new friends means to connect the world.SMS H4U – short cuts and acronyms